Classic Performance Dyno Tune Adelaide


We recommend and install RDA , EBC and DBA Brake systems. From simple replacement pads and rotors to upgraded high performance disc rotors and performance pads.


Street series: DBA’s entry level enhanced performance rotor, offering improved braking straight out of the box.
4000 series: DBA’s mid-series enhanced performance rotor features Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling, Thermo-Graphic paint markings for effective heat monitoring and Kangaroo Paw venitilation design for efficient braking.
5000 series: With a two piece design and an AlumaliteTM centre hat, DBA’s 5000 is one of the finest rotors available. The 5000 series rotors are available in different configurations for road and track use, and with a variety of finishes to complement a great looking performance car.





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