Classic Performance Dyno Tune Adelaide


Classic Performance Dyno Centre operates a Mainline AWD Dyno, in our in-house Dyno Cell located in the Adelaide suburb of Hackham in South Australia. We can dyno tune most makes and models, from Classic Cars and Hot Rods to All current model vehicles including Nissans, Holdens and Fords. We can also Dyno tune competition vehicles and race cars.


Classic Performance has a proven track record, tuning for economy, power and drive-ability for most makes and models. Whether your after a power run for your track weapon, or diagnostics for your daily driver, Classic Performance has the facilities and tuning expertise to cater for your needs.


AWD, RWD & FWD Dyno Tuning for most makes and models, Power Runs, Diagnostics, and we even offer Club Dyno Days! We also offer Engine management mapping & reprogramming for OEM and Aftermarket systems.




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