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CLUB REGISTRATION, what is Club, Conditional or Historic registration in South Australia

Conditional registration.
•    What is Conditional Registration?
Conditional Registration, Club Registration or Historic Registration are different names for the same thing in the South Australian motoring scene.
The SA Government has approved changes to the current conditional registration scheme for historic, left hand drive and street rod vehicles.
These changes aim to remove red tape to allow more classic car lovers to enjoy their hobby out on the road, while also making the scheme more nationally consistent. These changes will come into operation on 1 July 2017.
The approved changes include the following:
1.    Allow vehicles, modified from their original design, to enter the scheme. This will provide flexibility to allow owners to improve the ride, handling and safety of these classic vehicles, as well as cosmetic enhancements. The registration scheme will no longer dictate the types of modifications permitted, merely remove this requirement altogether.
2.    Move away from a fixed cut-off date of 1979 to a rolling 30-year vehicle age for eligibility to enter the scheme; for both right hand and left hand drive vehicles.
3.    Make changes to the Code of Practice to decrease the necessity for motoring clubs to undertake vehicle inspections; reducing the administrative burden of the scheme. This will remove the need for both initial inspections upon scheme entry and all 3 yearly inspections. However, in all cases, there will remain the ability for the Registrar or motoring clubs to request vehicle inspections on an as-need basis. This will enable clubs to uphold their constitutional values.
4.    Remove the need for annual statutory declarations.
5.    Reduce limitations which ban left-hand drive vehicles with safety improvements, such as updated braking systems. This will allow modifications to LHD vehicles and will treat them the same as RHD vehicles currently on the road.
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•    Our Services
At Classic Performance we have the knowledge, passion and expertise to get your vehicle up to acceptable and road worthy condition to be eligible for legal Conditional Registration.

•    Modifications
Classic Performance works closely with Autest Automotive Transport Engineering Services and Testing for compliance of Legal modifications to all motor vehicles ranging from Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars through to Modern and ICV type vehicles.
Engineering, Fitting and Fabrication of Engine and drive-line conversions to Brakes, Suspension and bodywork alterations can all be performed in our comprehensive workshop facility.

•    Servicing
We provide General Servicing , Log Book Servicing , Repairs , Wheel Alignments and Air Conditioning Installations and Gassing for all makes and models from 1900 right through to 2017.

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