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Diesel/4WD Performance

Diesel Performance Enhancements

Classic Performance Servicing & Dyno offers Performance enhancements for your Diesel-powered vehicle.

AWD, RWD & FWD Dyno Tuning for most makes and models, Power Runs, Diagnostics, and Testing

We suggest and use Quality Performance exhaust systems from Manta Exhaust, Pacemaker and X-Force.

We also offer in-house fully custom fabricated exhaust systems for special or one-off vehicle conversions.

Air intake upgrades, Snorkels and Intercoolers are available as bolt on or custom fabricated units as required.

We offer solutions for EGR and DPF issues plus ECU remapping and reflashing using Quantum Software for the very best in Engine Management control.

Classic Performance has proven ability, tuning for economy, power, torque and driveability for most makes and models.

Whether you’re after a power run check for your vehicle or diagnostics and repairs, Classic Performance has the facilities and tuning expertise.

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